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As a leading provider of legal services for mergers and acquisitions, we have a deep understanding of the legal issues and challenges that can arise during these complex transactions.

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Lyons Sullivan is your premier provider of legal services for mergers and acquisitions in Bellevue, WA. Our team of experienced attorneys is committed to providing top-notch legal guidance and support to help you navigate the complex world of mergers and acquisitions. Whether you are buying, selling, or merging companies, our team has the expertise and resources to help you achieve your goals.

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Navigating Complex Regulatory Landscapes with Ease

Every merger and acquisition is unique. That’s why we take a personalized approach to each transaction, working closely with our clients to understand their goals, challenges, and concerns. Our team is committed to providing the highest level of service and support throughout the entire process, from due diligence to closing and beyond.

Our legal services include:

  • Due diligence: Our team conducts a thorough review of all assets and financial transactions to ensure that you have a clear understanding of the risks and opportunities associated with the transaction.
  • Negotiation and drafting of agreements: We work closely with all parties involved to negotiate and draft the necessary agreements to ensure a successful transaction.
  • Regulatory compliance: We guide you through the complex regulatory landscape to ensure that all aspects of the transaction comply with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Closing and post-closing support: We work with you to ensure a smooth closing process and provide ongoing support to help you navigate any post-closing issues that may arise.

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