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Lyons | Sullivan counsels and represents clients in the nonprofit sector, providing a full range of services.

Our estate planning services enable clients of Lyons | Sullivan to take control and achieve their goals regarding the disposition of their property while alive and at death in a tax effective manner.

Decedents’ estates and trusts are separate legal entities administered by personal representatives and trustees respectively, subject to a fiduciary duty to their beneficiaries and creditors.

Purchasing or selling any company, from a corporate level to small businesses, is no easy feat. Lyons | Sullivan has extensive experience and knowledge in business transactions to aid you throughout the whole process.

At Lyons | Sullivan, we assist families in the transfer and protection of their family owned businesses. During the process, there are many variables that need to be taken into consideration.

During a business transaction, there are many potential pitfalls that may arise. Our goal at Lyons | Sullivan is to assist you in all facets of the deal to ensure a smooth and timely transaction.