Unfortunately, no one lives forever. The cycle of life is a fun ride, but we only get 100 years, if that, to make our mark on the world and in the hearts of those whom we share the laughter and memories with. You might as well enjoy the moment, and enjoy what you have because life is short, and you can’t take anything with you when you pass. That is why it is strongly suggested you create wills and trusts. Establishing wills and trusts in Washington, as well as any other state make your passing easier on those around you by pre-determining where and to whom all belongings and financial assets will be distributed after your death.

Considering Donating In Your Will

Generally when you create a will and/or trust you designate all of your belongings and financial assets to loved ones and friends. What you don’t generally think about doing, is donating. Is there a cause that you feel strongly about? Alzheimer’s, breast cancer, melanoma, hungry children, and battered women shelters are just a few to consider. Donating to a cause is a beautiful way to renew a life as your life’s ending. Leave a legacy with your heart when you go with a final donation to a wonderful cause of your choice.

If you would like to add a donation into your will and trust, contact the lawyers at Lyons Sullivan in Washington. Our experienced lawyers would be more than happy to help you amend and revise your current will and trust. If you do not have a will and trust, we would love to help you create one!