1. Planning For A Swift Exit

    You are an individual that has grown a wild idea into a successful small business. The years have been good to your business as it transitioned into a successful company. The day-to-day operations have been taken over by your children and you have been able to sit back and relax. Even if you are not ready to give up the reins just yet, it is time to develop an exit strategy. The estate planning ex…Read More

  2. Celebrities Get it Wrong

    It seems that every day there is another celebrity who dies young. Not only is this a tragedy because most of them are not of a ripe old age, but it seems that none of them had done any end-of-life planning. We see from the tabloids that most of them have family members that think that they deserve a piece of the fortune. All of which could have been avoided if the decedent had a will. It is baffl…Read More

  3. What to Consider When You’re Working on Estate Planning

    Estate planning can be a difficult and time-consuming task for anyone to undertake. At Lyons | Sullivan, we want to help you to take control and achieve your goals regarding the disposition of your property in a tax effective manner. We can counsel our clients to provide for alternate decision making in monetary and health care matters and make certain that everything necessary is taken care of. I…Read More

  4. Durable Power of Attorney

    There are few people who take the time to consider what will happen to their family, their estate, and their assets should they became mentally incapacitated and unable to make decisions. It isn’t a pleasant thought, but considering how important it is to be prepared for such circumstances, more people ought to pay it more mind. One of the best ways to be prepared in the event you are unable to …Read More

  5. Wills and Community Property

    We discussed life as a young professional and the importance of a will for the future. When children and spouses enter the equation it becomes a different story. As you may know, Washington is a Community Property State. With the Community Property designation and in the event that a spouse has died, proper planning is essential to the integrity of the estate. What is a Community Property State? A…Read More

  6. Wills For Younger Professionals

    Let’s say you are a single, young professional with a promising career. Ambitious, talented and finally getting financial affairs in order. Your student loans are slowly being chipped away and it is time to begin saving for a down payment on a house. You have a solid credit report with a few minor infractions but nothing that will have a lasting impact. Is it too early to begin thinking about es…Read More

  7. Have You Been Tasked with the Job of Estate Executor?

    If your loved one or relative has just passed away, you may have been tasked with the job of becoming the executor of their estate. Although many people consider it an honor to be able to help your friend one last time, it can also often feel like a mission you can’t accomplish and one that you’re not set up to succeed in. In a time of grief and mourning, it is hard to go on with your daily li…Read More

  8. How Living Trusts Avoid Probate

    At Lyons Sullivan, we want to help with your probate and trust administration. Whether you need help creating a trust, or help accessing a trust after death, we can take care of your needs. There are a few different types of trust funds to decide between. We recommend choosing a living trust. Living trusts offer a fast and private way to transfer property after death. This also allows you to avoid…Read More

  9. How Long Is The Probate Process In Washington?

    This is a very tough question to answer because it is dependent upon many variables. Proper Will Essentially the probate process begins with a proper will. The more prepared the decedent was prior to death, the easier the probate process will be following the death of a loved one in Bellevue.  Furthermore, a well-prepared will for a lot of assets is going to take longer to process than an equally…Read More

  10. FAQs About The Probate Process In Washington – Part 2

    The probate process in Washington can be tedious if left incorrectly explained, which is why we here at Puget Sound Probates are offering this two part blog series to discuss some of the most frequently asked questions in the probate process. Check out FAQs - Part 1 here! What Do You Do If A Person Dies Without A Proper Will? The Superior Court of the proper county (in which the decedent resided a…Read More