1. What is a Revocable Living Trust?

    Here at Lyons | Sullivan, we understand that the idea of preparing for your own death can be an uncomfortable topic for some. But we also know how valuable legal advice and preparation can be, potentially saving your loved ones from unnecessary heartache after your passing. You have a few options when it comes to preparing for your family’s future. Most people are familiar with the Last Will and…Read More

  2. 3 Common Misconceptions about the Probate Process

    The passing of a loved one is never easy. In the midst of our pain and mourning, we don’t want to have to rip our focus away from our families to deal with issues of assets or wills. Unfortunately, the estate and assets of our loved ones aren’t things we can avoid. But the probate process doesn’t have to be the frightening experience that many people perceive it to be. There are several misc…Read More

  3. Have You Been Tasked with the Job of Estate Executor?

    If your loved one or relative has just passed away, you may have been tasked with the job of becoming the executor of their estate. Although many people consider it an honor to be able to help your friend one last time, it can also often feel like a mission you can’t accomplish and one that you’re not set up to succeed in. In a time of grief and mourning, it is hard to go on with your daily li…Read More

  4. How Living Trusts Avoid Probate

    At Lyons Sullivan, we want to help with your probate and trust administration. Whether you need help creating a trust, or help accessing a trust after death, we can take care of your needs. There are a few different types of trust funds to decide between. We recommend choosing a living trust. Living trusts offer a fast and private way to transfer property after death. This also allows you to avoid…Read More

  5. How Long Is The Probate Process In Washington?

    This is a very tough question to answer because it is dependent upon many variables. Proper Will Essentially the probate process begins with a proper will. The more prepared the decedent was prior to death, the easier the probate process will be following the death of a loved one in Bellevue.  Furthermore, a well-prepared will for a lot of assets is going to take longer to process than an equally…Read More

  6. FAQs About The Probate Process In Washington – Part 2

    The probate process in Washington can be tedious if left incorrectly explained, which is why we here at Puget Sound Probates are offering this two part blog series to discuss some of the most frequently asked questions in the probate process. Check out FAQs - Part 1 here! What Do You Do If A Person Dies Without A Proper Will? The Superior Court of the proper county (in which the decedent resided a…Read More

  7. Common FAQs About The Probate Process In Washington – Part 1

    An estate must be dealt with following the death of a loved one. While we may want to simply grieve the death, it is necessary (by law) to attend to your loved one’s things. This is done through the probate process, and the probate process can be quite confusing. These are some frequently asked questions that should help you get started with the probate process in Washington. Simply, What Is…Read More

  8. Welcome To Lyons | Sullivan’s Blog

    Welcome to Lyons | Sullivan’ Blog! Here you will find the ins-and-outs, tips and tricks, and news and happenings of the legal world here in the Puget Sound, Washington Area. We are happy to break down the confusing jargon of the law to help you understand the problems you’re facing. Our mission is to protect you under the law and to help you achieve your goals. Our team consists of lawyers, l…Read More