1. A New Business

    A new business is an exciting venture. The risks are great, but the rewards are totally worth all of the headaches. The major challenge with a new business is that the pieces must all  be in place to work towards success. Putting those pieces in place can sometimes be a guessing game. To build a successful foundation give Lyons|Sullivan a call, we are the business law experts. We are a small busi…Read More

  2. How To Give Everything To Your Kids

    A while ago we talked about what would happen if you were to sell your business to your valued employee that loves the business as much as you did. That is all well and good but what if it is your daughter who loves your hard-fought small business? Let’s say you have left her all of your business related assets in your will and think that everything is just fine. Well, what about the point when …Read More

  3. Looking into a 501(c) 3

    Let's say you are interested in creating a foundation in the name of a dear friend who died in an unfortunate accident. Something that you would like to raise awareness about and prevent others from experiencing the pain that accompanied your friend's death. Organizations such as this are always doing special activities to raise money and get the word out about the cause. Cause-groups such as thes…Read More