1. Small Business Mergers

    You are a small business owner that believes in healthy competition and assisting the small business community to succeed. You have always been an advocate for the business community to stick together. In the current climate, it is difficult to succeed with your dreams because of all of the “bigger fish” in the pond. The car wash down the street has brought a large amount of business to your a…Read More

  2. Chasing your Dream

    You are about to be retire and have finally figured out what you would like to do with your life. It seems like just yesterday that you first tried skydiving, but in reality it has been 45 years since you learned how to jump out of a perfectly good airplane. The final years of your career were basically floating through your days dreaming of retirement. It was difficult to focus on the day-to-day …Read More

  3. Succession Planning and Legacy

    The road to owning your own insurance firm has been filled with potholes, rollercoaster rides and the occasional moment of bliss. The difficulty of starting and maintaining a successful business venture is never an easy task. You know what it is like to sit up at night and worry about your business. You love it, it has become part of your soul and now you want what is best for your business. It is…Read More

  4. Do You Need to Hire a Lawyer to Assist with Your Small Business?

    So you’ve got a great idea for a small business. You’ve come up with a business plan, spoken with lenders, tested your product, and the ball is rolling in the right direction. It can be a complicated process to be certain that everything is in its right place when you’re juggling so many things at once and it feels like there are a myriad of things to think about before you can start. Hiring…Read More

  5. Washington Business Structures

    Businesses in the state of Washington have options when it comes to choosing a specific business structure. Each structure suits a different type of organization and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you are considering starting your own business or are an existing organization looking to alter your business structure, it would be beneficial to familiarize yourself with those struc…Read More