Sadly, from time to time death brings out the worst in families and other interested persons. Even in the absence of a “rogue” fiduciary dispute, conflict can arise in the course of administering an estate or decedent’s trust. Sometimes these can be headed off early through clear, transparent communication. Other times reason does not prevail. When that happens, the expense and stress can be substantial and the long-term or permanent damage to family cohesion can result. The professionals at Lyons Sullivan regularly advise and represent fiduciaries and other interested persons with family dispute resolution. Washington State has enacted a law – the Trust and Estate Dispute Resolution Act (TEDRA) – that often succeeds in resolving these sorts of disputes more efficiently than would be the case in a normal civil lawsuit. Mediation can successfully result in a resolution short of a full trial by providing a forum in which family members are provided an opportunity to share and vent their concerns and issues, while working in a collaborative manner to solve problems in a mutually-beneficial manner.