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Lyons Sullivan stands as a top-tier law firm in Newcastle, WA, offering an all-encompassing suite of legal services to both corporations and individuals. Our team of adept business attorneys prides themselves on delivering bespoke legal solutions designed to address every client’s specific requirements.


Our mission lies in empowering businesses of all scales with the legal guidance they require to flourish. We accomplish this through our broad experience in helping corporations with various legal matters, such as partnership contracts, leasing arrangements, and other business-oriented legal complexities.


Our practice covers:



We comprehend the multitude of hurdles businesses encounter, which is why our legal offerings are tailored to aid our clients in surmounting these obstacles and achieving their aspirations. Furthermore, our legal crew is committed to keeping abreast of the current legal advancements and tendencies. Our lawyers are experts in their respective domains and are equipped with the necessary knowledge and proficiency to offer our clients superior legal counsel.


If you’re seeking legal services in Newcastle, WA, reach out to Lyons Sullivan now. Our business attorneys are ready to help you steer through the intricate legal milieu and deliver the legal aid necessary for you to realize your objectives. We also extend our services to clients located in nearby regions.



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If you need legal assistance, call (425) 451-2400 ext 4 to schedule a free phone consultation.
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