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Hire an experienced probate lawyer in Mercer Island, WA, when you need advice and guidance. Lyons | Sullivan has 30+ years of experience assisting clients with estate planning. From drafting your will and trust to working with executors, the lawyers at Lyons | Sullivan can handle it. Lyons | Sullivan focuses on provided client-centered and tailored services to ensure each client receives the proper counsel.

How Can Lyons | Sullivan Help?

  • Probate & Estate Administration: Get help locating creditors, allocating assets, speaking to beneficiaries, and much more. 
  • Estate Planning: Lyons | Sullivan will help you prepare various documents, prepare durable powers of attorney, design plans to accomplish charitable objectives, among other things. 
  • Wills & Trusts: Wills and trusts are tools used to prepare for the future. Make sure your documents are drafted correctly by working with a lawyer. 
  • Business Transactions: Do you need help with succession/exit planning or business transactions. Lyons | Sullivan also offers legal services for businesses.  


Begin Consulting with a Probate Attorney Today

Reach out to Lyons | Sullivan today and learn more about how a probate lawyer can assist you. Lyons | Sullivan will ensure your affairs are in order by providing you with the comprehensive legal services you need. So call now and schedule an appointment with an attorney near Mercer Island, WA!


How can we help you?

If you need legal assistance, call (425) 451-2400 ext 4 to schedule a free phone consultation.
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