It seems that every day there is another celebrity who dies young. Not only is this a tragedy because most of them are not of a ripe old age, but it seems that none of them had done any end-of-life planning. We see from the tabloids that most of them have family members that think that they deserve a piece of the fortune. All of which could have been avoided if the decedent had a will. It is baffling that some of the celebrities who have passed away do not have any sort of plan for their wealth after they are gone. Take the responsibility for your family’s wellbeing and contact Lyons|Sullivan for an estate planning consultation.Picture1

Will Construction

The process of making a will is not only relatively painless, it is essential so that assets you have accrued will not be lost to the government. These losses are generally in the form of taxes. Regardless of what you have made in your lifetime or what financial legacy that you are leaving to your children, having a will can mean all the difference. It can take some courage because you are basically projecting your wishes after you are dead. The most common reason for people to not have a will is simply because they don’t. They did not make the time and that is a mistake. The estate planning attorneys at Lyons|Sullivan are here for all of your trust or estate law need. Please call today and we can help with your will.