The road to owning your own insurance firm has been filled with potholes, rollercoaster rides and the occasional moment of bliss. The difficulty of starting and maintaining a successful business venture is never an easy task. You know what it is like to sit up at night and worry about your business. You love it, it has become part of your soul and now you want what is best for your business. It is time to pack up the pens and retire. Your star employee has expressed interest in continuing the business after you retire. So where do you begin this process? Well, the business transaction attorneys at Lyons|Sullivan are here to help.   

Protecting Your Legacywill and trust specialists in Washington!

The prospect of transferring your business to someone else is a daunting one, and should not be taken lightly. The professionals at Lyons|Sullivan have years of experience in minimizing the eventual legal issues that can come up in business transfer situations. We are able to plan your exit strategy and negotiate the sale to your intrested employee. You deserve the opportunity to be represented by Bellevue’s finest legal counsel.

Transferring a business is not as easy as it once was when a handshake and a person’s word were all the paperwork that was needed. In the business climate of today you need legal representation in order. This is so critical because it protects the interests of the seller, the buyer and the customers. You have worked extremely hard and it is time to let Lyons|Sullivan make sure you have a worry-free experience.