You are a small business owner that believes in healthy competition and assisting the small business community to succeed. You have always been an advocate for the business community to stick together. In the current climate, it is difficult to succeed with your dreams because of all of the “bigger fish” in the pond. The car wash down the street has brought a large amount of business to your artisanal coffee shop. You had heard that the carwash is struggling and your coffee shop has not been profitable as of late. You and the owner of the carwash begin to hatch a plan to merge your services into a larger, more diverse business. The first thing that you need to do is contact the business transactions specialists Lyons|Sullivan.  Picture1

Keep the Vision Clear

In situations where the merger of two businesses is possible, it is imperative that you seek the counsel of an attorney. The future success of your business is dependent on negotiating the best possible partnership for your new venture. Transparency and clarity of vision is critical to the process and we can help you navigate the merger. One would think that the merger of two small businesses is a relatively easy proposition, but every year many businesses fail because of the added cost and responsibility of additional locations. So, if you are considering a small business merger, Lyons|Sullivan has the experience to assist you. We want to remind you that no matter how small your business, we can help with all of your legal needs.