Estate planning can be a difficult and time-consuming task for anyone to undertake. At Lyons | Sullivan, we want to help you to take control and achieve your goals regarding the disposition of your property in a tax effective manner. We can counsel our clients to provide for alternate decision making in monetary and health care matters and make certain that everything necessary is taken care of.

It’s important to figure out just what will happen to your property when you pass away, but it’s also important to consider a handful of other things. In addition to property it’s also vital to consider what will happen with your taxes, plan for any necessary potential health care arrangements, manage what will happen if you’ve got young children that may require another guardian, and make plans for your final arrangements which will give your loved ones an idea about what should be done with your body when you pass away. Consider as well if you’d like to leave notes for your executor if there’s anyone in particular you’d like notified of your passing, what type of ceremony you’d like, or any other necessary details your family might not think about.

We at Lyons | Sullivan hope that this brief overview of things to consider while doing your estate planning has been helpful. We’d be happy to offer our legal advice as well as any legal services you might require during this time. If you’re in Bellevue and need some advice contact us today.

Please keep in mind that various laws vary from state to state and that it’s important to check with a lawyer if you have questions for your particular scenario.