So you’ve got a great idea for a small business. You’ve come up with a business plan, spoken with lenders, tested your product, and the ball is rolling in the right direction. It can be a complicated process to be certain that everything is in its right place when you’re juggling so many things at once and it feels like there are a myriad of things to think about before you can start. Hiring a business lawyer to help out with the process may be a great decision for you to make.

But what exactly is a business transaction? Business law concerns different legal guidelines that can affect planning and negotiation of document drafting when it’s linked to a business’s formation. If you want to make money, having a good business lawyer is the key to being certain that you recognize any liabilities, and understanding the various situations that will inevitably arise. With so many moving parts to a business, there are an equal number of things to take into consideration such as shares, contracts, compliance with applicable laws, trademarks and copyrights, and finances.

There are a handful of times when you’ll definitely want the assistance of an attorney who is well versed in business. A good example of a time when you may what the assistance of an attorney for your small business is when it’s facing environmental issues. Don’t take the risk of waiting it out to see what happens. Hire someone who knows what the legal issues are and how to help. Regardless of the issue at hand, it’s just good practice to call a business lawyer if you’re uncertain of what to do in any given situation. To be sure, there are certain things you can likely take care of yourself. For example purchasing a domain name and creating a website, getting business licenses, hiring employees, and finding a space to work in can be done on your own, but if there’s anything you’re questioning, seeking advice from a trained professional is in your best interest.

Because business transactions are a complex thing to understand, having a lawyer who is familiar with the ins and outs is of vital importance. Many pitfalls can arise, and our goal at Lyons | Sullivan is to help you out in all aspects of your business transaction to be sure that things are dealt with smoothly and in a timely manner. We’re here to aid you in identifying and eliminating risks, finding an optimum business structure for you, and assisting you with tax considerations. We are also able to draft any necessary documents to make sure that you are protected with safeguards in place.

We know that you may have a good idea of how to take care of some of the tasks involved in starting a business on your own, but if you need help with a specific issue or are looking for more general help, contact us. We’d be glad to go over your scenario on a one-on-one basis and make sure that your business is as successful as you know it can be.